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Rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

Bastard Archive is still alive and still kicking. 2015 has been a complicated year for behind-the-scenes stuff you don’t care about, but for 2016 we’ll be back in the swing and with a couple of new and exciting projects, too.

In Solidarity,

The Bastard Archive Group.

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An Anarchist Critique of Brisbane’s G20 Meeting

g20coverAn Anarchist Critique of Brisbane’s G20 Meeting

Prepared for the G20 Summit held in Brisbane on the 15th and 16th of November 2014.

Authored pseudonymously by Some Bastard to contextualise the G20 from an anarchist perspective.

Please print and redistribute as you see fit, especially in Brisbane during the G20.

We’ll see you there.

Print copy – First-last landscape layout. 0.6Mb

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Kropotkin on communes and wages

Kropotkin on communes and wages by Peter Kropotkin.

Published by Bastard Press

English – 24 pages

The Wage System first published in 1920. On a proposed communist settlement first published in 1895.

This is a single-volume edition of two previous Bastard Press titles.

In On a proposed Communist settlement, Kropotkin warns a group of communists about the dangers isolated communes face in the real world. With clear and precise insight developed by his early work as a geographer, he outlines the risks such communities face when starting, the problems existing social and economic models have in small numbers and the difficulties faced by the isolation and separation from day-to-day life and the literal invasion faced by those who do manage to achieve success. This edition also features a preface by Sydney anarchist and ecologist Graham Purchase.

In The Wage System Kropotkin argues against collectivist use of alternative currencies, such as the ‘labour note’ and exchange currencies (such as Ithaca Hours and LETS) by systematically investigating the problems with assessing the worth of labour and the the valuing of one kind of labour against another – the basis of wages and the economic systems of both capitalism and socialism. Over a century after it was written, The Wage System continues to offer a concise and skilled insight into the fundamental problems of wages, work and labour.


Print copy – First-last landscape layout. 0.3Mb

Reading copy – Sequential portrait layout. 0.3Mb.

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See you at Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair 2014!

IMG_0687s We’re off to the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair tomorrow to peddle our wares. Most of the Bastard Press collection will be there, along with some select reprints from the Bastard Archive. Pop by and say hi.

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Proudhon in the closet

coverProudhon in the closet by Daniel Guerin. Translated by Jesse Cohn.

Published by Bastard Press

English – 16 pages

First published in Essai Sur La Revolution Sexuelle (Apres Reich Et Kinsey) in 1969.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is best known as the anarchist who declared “Property is theft!” and brought anarchism into the intellectual world with his volumes of work on Mutualism and government. He is less well known as a misogynist and even less so as a venomous homophobe. Here Daniel Guerin analyses Proudhon’s misogyny and homophobia and the raging contradictions brought about by his hatred and paradoxical consequences this has on Proudhon’s anarchism. Guerin’s research reveals a complex and conflicting emotional relationship with men and masculinity, and consequently women and the feminine, in Proudhon’s life.

Printing Copy – First-last landscape layout. 1Mb

Reading Copy – Sequential portrait layout. 1Mb.

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