Anarchism in America directed by Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher.

73 minutes – English

Originally released in 1983.

A brief, visual documentary introduction into the history of anarchism in the United States. Begins with the filmmaker’s biographical experiences with anarchism and moves on to interviews and historical footage. Bookchin, Avrich and Jello Biafra feature as talking heads.

Download – 73 minute avi (834MB) (A download helper is recommended for files this size.)

The Free Voice of Labour – The Jewish Anarchists directed by Steve Fischler

57 minutes – English

Originally released in 1980.

A well-travelled documentary featuring some of the warmest and most genuine anarchists you’re likely to see on film, the Jewish anarchists of the United States reflect on the struggle to organise via their involvement in Yiddish language labour paper Freie Arbeiter Stimme, the Free Voice of Labour.

Download – 57 minutes (245MB)

The Coconut Revolution by Stampede Films

53 Minutes – English

Originally released in 2000.

The story of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army overthrowing Rio Tinto’s control of the island by destroying Panguna copper mine and defeating the blockade by the PNG government by using the weapons taken from mercenaries, the island’s natural resources for food and building materials and processing coconut oil for fuel. Winner of the Amnesty International Award for Best Documentary.

Download corrected! – 53 minutes (694MB avi). (A download helper is recommended for files this size.)


Noam Chomsky – Rebel Without a Pause by Redcanoe Productions

1hr 13mins – English

Originally Released in 2003

The world’s most famous anarchist, Noam Chomsky is generally revered as a public treasure and conscience of the academic and intellectual world. This documentary follows him on tour and gives a brief glimpse into both his ideas and opinions and his life as a ” rockstar intellectual”, lecturing to sellout crowds around the globe.

Download – 1hr 13 min (697MB avi) (A download helper is recommended for files of this size.)

They Shine: On being gay in Mazatepec, Mexico by Producciones Gringoyo and the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos

13 minutes – English and Spanish versions.

Originally released in 2002.

Four gay men with disposable cameras and a tape recorder document  what it means to them to be gay in a small town in rural Mexico, including frank comments from locals and family.

English – 13min (164MB avi)

Espanol – 13min (165MB avi)