June 2011

Anarchism in (ex) Yugoslavia by Trivio Indic

Published by Barricade Books
11 pages – English
Originally published in 1990 in Umanita Nova

A short history of anarchism in what used to Yugoslavia, from the mid nineteenth century to the late  nineteen thirties. Includes publications, important activists and thinkers in the region.

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Raiders of the Left Ark  – An insider’s account of the Democratic Socialist Party by Person Unknown.

Published by person unknown.
5 pages – English
Originally published circa early 1990s.

A brief and unreferenced history of Australia’s Democratic Socialist Party, home of Resistance youth organisation and Green Left Weekly propaganda wing, including takeovers, schisms and electioneering.

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Squatter’s Handbook by Sydney Housing Action Collective

Published by Sydney Housing Action Collective

15 pages – English

Originally published circa 2000.

Sydney Housing Action Collective released the Squatter’s Handbook to inform and empower Australian (particularly people in NSW) squatters with valuable practical and legal information. (As with any Bastard Archive item, be aware the legal advice may no longer be current or valid for your geo-political region.)

Reading copy 150dpi, sequential layout., 18.3MB