September 2011

Treason Press was a printing/publishing collective based in Canberra, Australia during the first decade of the 2nd Millennium AD.

Now silent, presumed defunct, we reproduce here their entire online catalogue of twenty-four titles, archived from their website in 2010, for your reading pleasure.



Against domestication by Jacques Camatte, translated by David Loneragan
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Anticapitalism as ideology and as a movement by Aufheben
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Autonomous Marxism by Nick Dyer-Witheford
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Bordiga vs Pannoek
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A history of the car bomb by Mike Davis
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They Shine: On being gay in Mazatepec, Mexico by Producciones Gringoyo and the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos

13 minutes – English and Spanish versions.

Originally released in 2002.

Four gay men with disposable cameras and a tape recorder document  what it means to them to be gay in a small town in rural Mexico, including frank comments from locals and family.

English – 13min (164MB avi)

Espanol – 13min (165MB avi)