0-coverOrganising Communities by Tom Knoche

Published by Zabalaza Books

English – 18 Pages

Originally published in Social Anarchism in 1993.

Tom Knoche’s extremely practical guide to organising using anarchist methods explains how to identify community goals, criteria for success, which issues to tackle, how to run any community organisation and what tactics to use and when. Very recommended as a place to start when organising in your community.

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The Inefficiency of Capitalism – An anarchist viewby Brian Oliver Sheppard

Published by See Sharp Press

English – 36 pages

Originally published in 2003

Sheppard takes on capitalism by critiquing the fact that by fostering desire over need, waste, hierarchies and necessitating unemployment and shows how capitalism is actually extremely inefficient.

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The New Anarchy by Graham Purchase

Published by Black Swan

English – 9 pages

Originally published in 1994

In this brief pamphlet Purchase discusses how bio-regionality and green industry can play a massive role in organising decentralised anarchist communes for long term sustainability and how these concepts should be central to anarchist planning.

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Saint Che – by Larry Gambone

Published by Red Lion Press

English – 16 pages.

Originally published in 1997.

An unapologetically sectarian view of the historical reality of Marxist and leftist icon  Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. Gambone lays out the case against Che, including accusations of Peronism, Stalinism and being an apologist for dictatorship.  Not a pretty sight, but an attempt to counter the unfiltered worship of Che as an icon of justice and revolution that exists today.

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Anarchism in America directed by Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher.

73 minutes – English

Originally released in 1983.

A brief, visual documentary introduction into the history of anarchism in the United States. Begins with the filmmaker’s biographical experiences with anarchism and moves on to interviews and historical footage. Bookchin, Avrich and Jello Biafra feature as talking heads.

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