February 2012

The Prison Industrial Complex and the Global Economy by Eve Goldberg and Linda Evans

Published by Kersplebedeb

25 Pages – English

Originally Published in 1998.

An introduction to the interaction between prisons and the world economy, both as a place for incarcerating resistors and drug users and in supplying cheap labour and as a massive privatised services industry.

Printing copy – 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 13MB.

Reading copy – 150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 12MB.

How Christianity Grew Out of Paganism by Joseph McCabe

Published by See Sharp Press

13 Pages – English

Originally Published in 1943 by Haldeman-Julius as a Little Blue Book.

Ex-priest McCabe tackles the history of Christianity and explains the pre-existence of almost every well-known part of the New Testament in pre-Christian mythologies and the events that lead to the foundation of the Christian church as we know it today.

Print copy 150dpi first-last landscape layout, 5.6MB.

Reading copy  150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 5.4MB.


Anarchism – A very short introduction by Colin Ward

Published by Oxford University Press

125 Pages / 3hrs 7min – English

Originally published in 2004

British author and anarchist Colin Ward introduces anarchism for Oxford’s popular AVSI series. An easy to read introduction to anarchism for the novice, also interesting for the experienced anarchist as Ward never generalises but always gives his own honest interpretation.

Audiobook and Reading Copy (mp3 & sequential portrait pdf), 112MB zip.

Reading Copy  Only – sequential portrait layout, 2.5MB

From Alcatraz to Marion to Florence: Control Unit Prisons in the United States by Faye Dowker and Glenn Good

Published by the Committee to End The Marion Lockdown

36 Pages – English

Originally Published circa 1992(?)

A history of Marion, the super maximum security prison in Illinois, built to replace the infamous Alcatraz. At the time of writing, Marion had been in lock down for eight years (it remained so for over a quarter of a century) so prisoners were in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. Amnesty International described it as ‘inhumane’ and the emergency practice of ‘control unit’ prison eventually became a design feature in later US prisons, such as ADX Florence, also discussed here.

Printing Copy – 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 23MB

Reading Copy – 150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 18MB