June 2012

The Utopian Communard Project Primer by Asger Strodl

Published by Bastard Press.

English – 16 pages

First published by Bastard Press in 2005. This edition 2012.

The Utopian Communard Project is a practical project for communal anarchists centred around community focused eco-village living in an Australian context. This pamphlet proposes objectives, locations, finances and scenarios, what to work towards, what to avoid and includes a vocabulary for discussing this and similar projects.

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The First Mayday: The Haymarket Speeces, 1895-1910 by Voltairine de Cleyre.With an introduction, notes and bibliography by Paul Avrich.

Published by Cienfuegos Press, Libertarian Book Club & Soil Of Liberty.

76 Pages – English

Originally published in 1980.

In 1886, the US saw an 800,000 worker general strike in support of Chicago factory workers happen on the 1st of May. On the 3rd and 4th of May in Chicago riots occurred, culminating in police firing on protesters and dynamite being thrown into police lines. Leading anarchists were tried, convicted and executed for the bombing, despite all available evidence proving they couldn’t have done it. This booklet is the collected speeches that American anarchist Voltairine de Cleyre commemorated the events with each year after.

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Reading copy  150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 76MB.