Anarchism: The Feminist Connection by Peggy Kornegger

Published by Zabalaza Books

English – 20 Pages

Originally Published in Second Wave in 1975.

Editor of feminist journal The Second Wave, Krnegger introduces  people familiar with feminism to anarchism and the history of anarchy as a political movement and struggle. Still serves as a good introduction for those looking beyond the limits of mainstream feminism to radical anarca-feminist ideas.

Printing copy – 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 13MB.

Reading copy – 150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 13MB.

Anarcho-Surrealist Insurrectionary Feminists September 1973 issue.

Published by the AS IF Collective

38 Pages – English

Originally Published in 1973.

The AS IF collective were active in Melbourne in the early 1970s, and this great collection of material includes artwork, poetry, essays, biographies, letters and more. A great document of the radical feminist movement in Australia.

Courtesy of Jura Books‘ Fanya Baron archive  in Sydney. (More collaborations with Jura to come in this new year.)

Due to the format of the original publication (Gestetnered or photocopied typed and handwritten A4 sheets) there is no printing copy available.

Reading copy – 200dpi, sequential portrait layout, 21MB.

Women in the Zapatistas

Published by Red & Black

24 pages – English

Original publication Date 1998

Five brief pieces on the role of women in the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional from the 1990s, including statements on International Women’s Day, interviews with women Zapatistas and essays on conditions for women in rural Mexico.

Print copy 150dpi first-last landscape layout, 13.4MB.

Reading copy 150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 13.7MB.


Anarchism: The Feminist Connection by Peggy Kornegger

Published by Kersplebedeb

30 pages – English

Original Publication Date 1975 in The Second Wave.

A short and basic history of anarchism and how it relates to feminism and an articulation of anarcha-feminism and approaches to an anarcha-feminist future.

Print copy 150dpi first-last landscape layout, 3.6MB.

Reading copy 72dpi, sequential portrait layout, 4.0MB.