Anarchists in Rojava: Two interviews with the IRPGF, April – May 2017 by the IRPGF.

Published by Bastard Press

English – 16 pages

Original publication date: 2017. This edition 2017.

From the cover: On April 1 st 2017 the International Revolutionary People’s Guerilla Forces (IRPGF) announced their formation as an anarchist combat unit fighting with the International Freedom Brigades in Rojava. The group has kept a high media profile since their announcement, and have issued multiple statements regarding  their position in the conflict, issues of international solidarity, the rise of fascism in Europe and United States, and the role of revolutionary anarchism in combating fascism.

This pamphlets collects two early interviews conducted by members of the IRPGF published on It’s Going Down in 2017.

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Anarchism in Turkey and Rojava: Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) on anarchism in the Middle East by the DAF

Published by Bastard Press

English – 20 pages

Original publication date: 2015, this edition 2017.

From the cover: The DAF (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet – Revolutionary Anarchist Action) are an anarchist group located in Turkey, based in Istanbul. For close to a decade they have been working in labour issues, women’s struggles, economic theory and radical
schooling. They publish a newspaper, Meydan, that is distributed in over twenty cities in Turkey and Kurdistan, and run several urban anarchist communes in Istanbul. The DAF have been in solidarity in the Kurdish revolution since its inception and several members participated in the military defence of Kobane, and the rebuilding and social and economic work afterward.

This pamphlet collects two interviews with the DAF on the issue of Rojava and Kurdish liberation, on anarchism today in Turkey, and an article by DAF member Huseyin Civan.


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Anarchism in America directed by Steven Fischler and Joel Sucher.

73 minutes – English

Originally released in 1983.

A brief, visual documentary introduction into the history of anarchism in the United States. Begins with the filmmaker’s biographical experiences with anarchism and moves on to interviews and historical footage. Bookchin, Avrich and Jello Biafra feature as talking heads.

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The First Mayday: The Haymarket Speeces, 1895-1910 by Voltairine de Cleyre.With an introduction, notes and bibliography by Paul Avrich.

Published by Cienfuegos Press, Libertarian Book Club & Soil Of Liberty.

76 Pages – English

Originally published in 1980.

In 1886, the US saw an 800,000 worker general strike in support of Chicago factory workers happen on the 1st of May. On the 3rd and 4th of May in Chicago riots occurred, culminating in police firing on protesters and dynamite being thrown into police lines. Leading anarchists were tried, convicted and executed for the bombing, despite all available evidence proving they couldn’t have done it. This booklet is the collected speeches that American anarchist Voltairine de Cleyre commemorated the events with each year after.

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Anarchism – A very short introduction by Colin Ward

Published by Oxford University Press

125 Pages / 3hrs 7min – English

Originally published in 2004

British author and anarchist Colin Ward introduces anarchism for Oxford’s popular AVSI series. An easy to read introduction to anarchism for the novice, also interesting for the experienced anarchist as Ward never generalises but always gives his own honest interpretation.

Audiobook and Reading Copy (mp3 & sequential portrait pdf), 112MB zip.

Reading Copy  Only – sequential portrait layout, 2.5MB