Saint Che – by Larry Gambone

Published by Red Lion Press

English – 16 pages.

Originally published in 1997.

An unapologetically sectarian view of the historical reality of Marxist and leftist icon  Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. Gambone lays out the case against Che, including accusations of Peronism, Stalinism and being an apologist for dictatorship.  Not a pretty sight, but an attempt to counter the unfiltered worship of Che as an icon of justice and revolution that exists today.

Printing copy – 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 8MB.

Reading copy – 100dpi, sequential portrait layout, 6MB.


Cuba – The anarchists & liberty, by Frank Fernandez, translated into English by Chaz Bufe.

Published by Monty Miller Press

22 Pages – English

Original publication date: 1987

The history of anarchist struggle in Cuba, from the nineteenth century through the first republic and into the Castro era.

Print Copy 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 11.6MB.
Reading Copy 72dpi, sequential portrait layout, .3.1MB.