coverProudhon in the closet by Daniel Guerin. Translated by Jesse Cohn.

Published by Bastard Press

English – 16 pages

First published in Essai Sur La Revolution Sexuelle (Apres Reich Et Kinsey) in 1969.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is best known as the anarchist who declared “Property is theft!” and brought anarchism into the intellectual world with his volumes of work on Mutualism and government. He is less well known as a misogynist and even less so as a venomous homophobe. Here Daniel Guerin analyses Proudhon’s misogyny and homophobia and the raging contradictions brought about by his hatred and paradoxical consequences this has on Proudhon’s anarchism. Guerin’s research reveals a complex and conflicting emotional relationship with men and masculinity, and consequently women and the feminine, in Proudhon’s life.

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