spanish civil war

Pages from Italian Anarchist History:
The anarchism of the Cervi Brothers by Andrea Ferrari
Italian anarchist volunteers in Barcelona and the events of May 1937 by Aldo Aguzzi

Published by The Kate Sharpley Library

19 Pages – English

Original Publication Date: Cervi Brothers, 1980 ; Italian anarchist volunteers, 1938.

This short two part pamphlet talks about anarchists from Italy and their interactions with Communism in both fascist Italy and Revolutionary Spain.

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A day mournful and overcast by An ‘uncontrollable’ of the Iron Column

Published by Kate Sharpley Library (Original Spanish language publication by Nosotros, daily newspaper of the Iron Column, 1937.)

28 pages – English

Original publication date: 1937, original English translation circa 1980s

Having been freed from prison by the anarchists in the Iron Column militia in the Spanish Civil War, the author describes his experiences as a political prisoner in monarchist Spain, his liberation and his involvement with the Iron Column and it’s militarisation by the Stalinist government.

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