Zapatistas: In their own words

Unknown publisher.

26 pages – English

First published circa 1995

A brief collection of initial interviews and statements from the early days of the EZLN movement and a extract from the original ‘Manifesto to Mexicans’ by Emiliano Zapata from 1914.

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Broadening the struggle & winning the media war: ‘Marcos Mystique’, ‘Guerrilla chic’ and Zapatista PR by Nicholas Henck

Published by Kersplebedeb

54 pages – English

First published in 2002.

This in-depth collection looks into the way the Zapatista movement dealt with the media and public relations in Mexico and abroad and made its agenda publicly accessible and popular.


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The Flower of the Word Will Not Die – Writings from the Zapatistas by the EZLN.

Published by SCAM Publications.

30 pages – English

Originally published in 1997.

Four pieces of writing from the EZLN published in 1996 and 1997, including a letter from the EZLN to the deceased Emiliano Zapata ; a letter from Sub-Comandante Marcos to the indigenous leaders of the USA ;  The Fourth Declaration ; and the Manifesto for the 2nd Inter-Continental Meeting.


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Women in the Zapatistas

Published by Red & Black

24 pages – English

Original publication Date 1998

Five brief pieces on the role of women in the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional from the 1990s, including statements on International Women’s Day, interviews with women Zapatistas and essays on conditions for women in rural Mexico.

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