IMG_20140319_180734We’re nearly three years old, which is a great achievement, but we’ve only contributed seven new archived items in the last year, which is a disappointing rate.

The physical archive has grown well out of control in the last two years, and a new cataloguing attempt is now under way, which is consuming quite a bit of time and energy. There has also been some work happening with Bastard Press which takes time away from the archiving process.

If you were at the Sydney Anarchist Bookfair recently you may have seen four Bastard Press titles – two exclusive to SABF! One is the first English printing of Daniel Guerin’s Proudhon in the closet and the other is a combination of two previous Bastard Press titles rolled into one. They’ll be up on the Archive this month, and hopefully we’ll be contributing to the international anarchist booklegging movement more consistently in our fourth year of operation.

twitter_logo_mk4As questionable a decision as it is, you can now follow Bastard Archive on Twitter. Doing so will get you tweets when we upload, the chance to interact with your favourite anarchist book bootleggers, random news and notices of future events and projects. You’ll receive absolutely no updates on our personal lives or those of our cats, dogs, kombucha plants or children. Promise.