August 2011

Against All Tyranny! Essays on Anarchism in Brazil by Edgar Rodrigues, Renato Ramos and Alexandre Samis.

Published by Kate Sharpley Library

36 pages – English

Originally published in in 2003. Translated by Paul Sharkey.

A collection of work on Brazillian anarchism – the major figures, the history of the movement, chronologies, the relationships between various factions and opposition.

Print copy 150dpi first-last landscape layout, 22.9MB.

Reading copy  150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 22.8MB.

Palestine, mon amour by Alfredo M Bonanno

Published by Elephant Editions.

90 pages – English.

Originally published as individual essays, 1988-1995.

The Italian insurrectionist anarchist writes a series of essays on Palestine mostly written during the First Intifada. A large collection of insurrectionist interpretation of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Print copy 150dpi first-last landscape layout, 28.1MB.

Reading copy  150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 27.7MB.

The message of the revolt is still alive, November ’73 – November ’95 by Anarchist Circle.

Published by Anarchist Circle.

14 pages – English

Originally published circa 1997

A history of the Greek school occupation movement and the larger political and cultural context over the span of 22 years and an analysis of the actions and motives involved.

Reading copy  150dpi sequential portrait  layout, 14.5MB. Doubles as printing copy.


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