November 2011

Basic Bakunin by the (British) Anarchist Communist Federation.

Published by the Paterson Anarchist Collective

13 Pages – English

Republication date 1993, original publication date unknown.

Outlines Bakunin’s positions on class, unions and labour, Marx, anarchism, revolution and more and the relevance his work holds in the modern day. Good introduction to the basics of this foundational anarchist thinker.

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The Myth of Overpopulation: A collection of articles about attempts to control the bodies and fertility of third world women edited by Barricade Books.

Published by Barricade Books

38 pages – English

First published in 1998

New shift in depopulation strategy by Farida Akhter
Family planning: population control in drag by David Morrison
UBINIG: Declaration of the People’s Perspectives on “Population” Symposium ed. Diane Bell and Renate Klein.
People or population: Towards a new ecology of reproduction by Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva
Racism, birth control and reproduction (excerpt) by Angela Davis
Politic of ‘population’ as a number and ‘ecology’ as the crisis of the natural system (excerpt) by Farida Akhter.

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Anarchy Comics – Issue 1.

Originally published by Last Gasp Comix.

36 Pages – English. Some of it rhyming.

First published in 1978.

A collection of comic strips about anarchy and anarchism, including historical strips on Kronstadt, the Spanish Civil War anarchist air force(!), Nestor Makhno, humorous satire on modern daily life, the ubiquitous detourned advertisements and some stuff I don’t even know how to describe but I’m sure Robert Crumb would have liked it. Sadly the only issue in our archive and possibly the only issue produced.

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(Because of the unusual format and our technical limitations there is no landscape print copy available.)

The Vancouver Five: Armed struggle in Canada by Jim Campbell

Published by Bastard Press

English – 18 pages

First published in Kick it over in 2000

In 1982, Direct Action (aka the Squamish Five or the Vancouver Five) were responsible for the destruction of Cheekeye-Dunsmuir dam substation on Vancouver Island, four million dollars worth of damage to the Litton Industries plant outside Toronto the fire-bombing of a video store specialising in violent pornography in Vancouver. The group were caught, tried and convicted and spent most of the eighties behind bars. This pamphlet collects a summary of the Direct Action’s acts and motives and the effectiveness of their strategies by a member of the groups the Five grew from, and includes the original Communique of the Litton bombing and its addendum by Direct Action themselves.

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On a proposed communist settlement: A new colony for Tyneside or Wearside by Peter Kropotkin

Published by Bastard Press

English – 8 pages

First published in the Newcastle Daily Chronicle in 1895

In On a proposed Communist settlement, Kropotkin warns a group of communists about the dangers isolated communes face in the real world. With clear and precise insight developed by his early work as a geographer, he outlines the risks such communities face when starting, the problems existing social and economic models have in small numbers and the difficulties faced by the isolation and separation from day-to-day life and the literal invasion faced by those who do manage to achieve success.
This edition also features a preface by Sydney anarchist and ecologist Graham Purchase.

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