January 2012

The Coconut Revolution by Stampede Films

53 Minutes – English

Originally released in 2000.

The story of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army overthrowing Rio Tinto’s control of the island by destroying Panguna copper mine and defeating the blockade by the PNG government by using the weapons taken from mercenaries, the island’s natural resources for food and building materials and processing coconut oil for fuel. Winner of the Amnesty International Award for Best Documentary.

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Noam Chomsky – Rebel Without a Pause by Redcanoe Productions

1hr 13mins – English

Originally Released in 2003

The world’s most famous anarchist, Noam Chomsky is generally revered as a public treasure and conscience of the academic and intellectual world. This documentary follows him on tour and gives a brief glimpse into both his ideas and opinions and his life as a ” rockstar intellectual”, lecturing to sellout crowds around the globe.

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The Worst of Woomera by Dave and Cherry Mckay

Published by the Refugee Embassy

48 Pages – English

Originally Published in 2002.

This booklet discusses the difficulties of the refugees detained in Woomera Detention Centre in the early 00s – the ones who remained or were recaptured after the breakout, which the authors participated in, until its closure in 2003. It contains both the background stories of the refugees and the experiences they had in Australia’s most notorious mandatory detention centre while waiting for a visa.

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God’s Hit List: Abominations and Death Penalties in the Bible edited by Chaz Bufe.

Published by See Sharp Press

24 Pages – English

Originally Published in 2006

Bufe takes a fine toothed comb to the King James Bible and finds exactly what God doesn’t like: homosexuality, idols, incest, fornicators, people who put their finger on the scale and anyone who eats the ‘flying creeping thing’ all suffer the Lord’s wrath. A guide to the word of hate residing in the book of love.

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Anarcho-Surrealist Insurrectionary Feminists September 1973 issue.

Published by the AS IF Collective

38 Pages – English

Originally Published in 1973.

The AS IF collective were active in Melbourne in the early 1970s, and this great collection of material includes artwork, poetry, essays, biographies, letters and more. A great document of the radical feminist movement in Australia.

Courtesy of Jura Books‘ Fanya Baron archive  in Sydney. (More collaborations with Jura to come in this new year.)

Due to the format of the original publication (Gestetnered or photocopied typed and handwritten A4 sheets) there is no printing copy available.

Reading copy – 200dpi, sequential portrait layout, 21MB.