July 2012

The Free Voice of Labour – The Jewish Anarchists directed by Steve Fischler

57 minutes – English

Originally released in 1980.

A well-travelled documentary featuring some of the warmest and most genuine anarchists you’re likely to see on film, the Jewish anarchists of the United States reflect on the struggle to organise via their involvement in Yiddish language labour paper Freie Arbeiter Stimme, the Free Voice of Labour.

Download – 57 minutes (245MB)

Anarchism: The Feminist Connection by Peggy Kornegger

Published by Zabalaza Books

English – 20 Pages

Originally Published in Second Wave in 1975.

Editor of feminist journal The Second Wave, Krnegger introduces  people familiar with feminism to anarchism and the history of anarchy as a political movement and struggle. Still serves as a good introduction for those looking beyond the limits of mainstream feminism to radical anarca-feminist ideas.

Printing copy – 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 13MB.

Reading copy – 150dpi, sequential portrait layout, 13MB.

Well fed – not an animal dead! by Graham Burnett

Published by Land and Liberty

English – 52 pages

First published circa 2000

A giant DIY vegan cookbook with recipes for roasts, curries, pastry, booze and more; nutritional information for mothers and infants; and a list of wild foods in the UK. The whole thing is hand written and hand illustrated and is packed with more vegan information than you can poke a stick at.

Print copy – first-last landscape layout, PDF 48MB.

Reading copy – sequential portrait layout, 48MB.