Noam Chomsky – Rebel Without a Pause by Redcanoe Productions

1hr 13mins – English

Originally Released in 2003

The world’s most famous anarchist, Noam Chomsky is generally revered as a public treasure and conscience of the academic and intellectual world. This documentary follows him on tour and gives a brief glimpse into both his ideas and opinions and his life as a ” rockstar intellectual”, lecturing to sellout crowds around the globe.

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J.A. Andrews – A brief biography by Bob James

Published by Monty Miller Press

18 Pages – English

Originally published in 1985.

John Arthur Andrews was an Australian anarchist and early member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club in the nineteenth century. This brief biography by Australian anarchist historian Bob James covers his emergence into the Australian labour and anarchist scene at the turn of the century.

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War and Revolution – The Hungarian Anarchist Movement in World War I and the Budapest Commune (1919)  by Martyn Everett

Published by the Kate Sharpley Library

32 Pages – English

Originally published in 2006.

The history of the Hungarian anarchists, both individually and their role in the anti-war movement and the ‘white terror’ against the infant Hungarian Soviet Republic, at the end of World War 1. Comprehensive and with a bibliography.

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Anarchism: What it really stands for and A New Declaration of Independence by Emma Goldman.

Published by In The Spirit Of Emma

22 Pages – English

Originally published in 1910 & 1909 (respectively) in Mother Earth.

The first of these essays sees Goldman refute some objections to anarchism and some misinterpretations of it. The second sees her pen an anarchist version of the declaration of independence. Also includes a reproduction of her speech that allegedly incited the assassination of William McKinley by Leon Czolgosz.

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Basic Bakunin by the (British) Anarchist Communist Federation.

Published by the Paterson Anarchist Collective

13 Pages – English

Republication date 1993, original publication date unknown.

Outlines Bakunin’s positions on class, unions and labour, Marx, anarchism, revolution and more and the relevance his work holds in the modern day. Good introduction to the basics of this foundational anarchist thinker.

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