g20coverAn Anarchist Critique of Brisbane’s G20 Meeting

Prepared for the G20 Summit held in Brisbane on the 15th and 16th of November 2014.

Authored pseudonymously by Some Bastard to contextualise the G20 from an anarchist perspective.

Please print and redistribute as you see fit, especially in Brisbane during the G20.

We’ll see you there.

Print copy – First-last landscape layout. 0.6Mb

The New Anarchy by Graham Purchase

Published by Black Swan

English – 9 pages

Originally published in 1994

In this brief pamphlet Purchase discusses how bio-regionality and green industry can play a massive role in organising decentralised anarchist communes for long term sustainability and how these concepts should be central to anarchist planning.

Printing Copy – 150dpi, first-last landscape layout, 4.5MB.

Reading Copy – 100dpi, sequential portrait layout, 4MB.

The Utopian Communard Project Primer by Asger Strodl

Published by Bastard Press.

English – 16 pages

First published by Bastard Press in 2005. This edition 2012.

The Utopian Communard Project is a practical project for communal anarchists centred around community focused eco-village living in an Australian context. This pamphlet proposes objectives, locations, finances and scenarios, what to work towards, what to avoid and includes a vocabulary for discussing this and similar projects.

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Reading copy – sequential portrait layout, 0.2MB.

Pred.txt – The Selected Rants of Michael <predator> Carlton by Michael <predator> Carlton.

Published by Cat@alyst.

567 pages – English

Originally Published circa 2005.

Michael <predator> Carlton was an activist, scientist, hacker, explorer, coder and general outlier from Sydney. He may be remembered globally as the coder who wrote the majority of the original Indymedia site, used as an independant media clearing house at the watershed summit protest in Seattle in 1999. Indymedia, in turn, may be seen as the precursor to both the independant media ‘blogosphere’ and Wikileaks, and the Seattle summit protest as the forerunner to the present Occupy movement.

This text contains several of <predator>’s writings, including parody, articles on drain exploration, biology, molecular genetics, the work-in-progress of his PhD thesis. The key work included, however, is the online journal he kept throughout his battle with terminal cancer, taking the reader on a tour through Sydney’s ’00s activist, anarchist and underground scene. The work is far more moving and profound than can be summed up here.

Highly recommended reading.

Reading copy only – sequential portrait layout, 10.7MB