Pages from Italian Anarchist History:
The anarchism of the Cervi Brothers by Andrea Ferrari
Italian anarchist volunteers in Barcelona and the events of May 1937 by Aldo Aguzzi

Published by The Kate Sharpley Library

19 Pages – English

Original Publication Date: Cervi Brothers, 1980 ; Italian anarchist volunteers, 1938.

This short two part pamphlet talks about anarchists from Italy and their interactions with Communism in both fascist Italy and Revolutionary Spain.

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Strangers Everywhere: Two essays about the struggle of comrades from Leece Italy against Detention Centers and the Deportation of Immigrants,by An Anarchist Stranger In An Alien World.

Published by Social War.

16 pages – English

Original publication date: 2005

The first of these two essays briefly describes the situation involving immigration detention and the criminalisation of migrant labourers in the Salentine, Italy. The second is a short statement of solidarity for a group of activists arrested over immigration issues in the same region.

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