Anarchism in Turkey and Rojava: Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) on anarchism in the Middle East by the DAF

Published by Bastard Press

English – 20 pages

Original publication date: 2015, this edition 2017.

From the cover: The DAF (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet – Revolutionary Anarchist Action) are an anarchist group located in Turkey, based in Istanbul. For close to a decade they have been working in labour issues, women’s struggles, economic theory and radical
schooling. They publish a newspaper, Meydan, that is distributed in over twenty cities in Turkey and Kurdistan, and run several urban anarchist communes in Istanbul. The DAF have been in solidarity in the Kurdish revolution since its inception and several members participated in the military defence of Kobane, and the rebuilding and social and economic work afterward.

This pamphlet collects two interviews with the DAF on the issue of Rojava and Kurdish liberation, on anarchism today in Turkey, and an article by DAF member Huseyin Civan.


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